Travel Advisory to Tidung Island

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Travel Advisory to Tidung Island

How Do I Get There? Follow Our Travel Advisory to Tidung Island

Travel Advisory to Tidung Island, in thousand islands in North of Jakarta. Tidung Island is a one-hour speedboat ride away from the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, toward Northwest within the famous thousand island. Tidung Island consists of two islands, Tidung Kecil (Small Island) and Tidung Besar (Big Island). These two Islands are connected by a 700m bridge called Lover Bridge. The island is surrounded by a beautiful Coral reel with crystal clear water. Gentle sea breeze, clear sea water and colorful coral will bring you ultimate enjoyment. Our resort is completely built above the ocean floor where you will see a beautiful live coral, all kind of fish, and beautiful scenery. There are several resorts that you must experience. Tidung Lagoon Resort is the only resort built on ocean floor where your room is above the ocean floor. Must try out the feel the sensation staying above the ocean. Grand Lagoon is the biggest resort in Tidung Island with size of 4ha with private north and south beach. The location is very secluded from the villages, and it offers a true tranquility on the Island.

As of this Travel Advisory to Tidung Island is written, the weather forecast is good in this coming weeks and Jakarta traffic is normal. Below are few of the consideration that you have to encounter:

  1. Getting To The Harbour

    1. Marina Ancol  : If you are taking speedboat (about 1 hour trip), it will be from Marina Ancol pear 17. It is located at the north beach of Jakarta. There will be a parking charge and entrance charge to Marina Ancol. You can take Taxi, Uber, Grab to Marina Ancol. Most driver knows Marina Ancol. The regular speedboat leaves at 8:00am. Make sure that you come 45min before the departure time thereafter there will be NO more transportation to the island. Once you get to the Marina Ancol, make sure that you head to PEAR 17. Across from pear 17, there will be a registration desk. If you already book with us, just tell the registrar that you are the guest of Tidung Lagoon. Surely your name (only the group leader name) will be already registered there. You don’t have to pay again for your package already includes the speedboat. Regular fare for speedboat is around Rp. 160.000(regular day) Rp. 180.000 (weekend)/person/trip. Most of the time, our staff will standby to welcome you there. Or else, there will be an affiliation personal to great you. Make sure that you can call your assigned person in charge (PIC). PIC will be given to you prior to your trip. There is almost no weight restriction that a passenger can carry for speedboat especially for group travelling; however, they are more constraint if you carry big and heavy item.
    2. Kali Adem Ferry Terminal : If you are taking ferry (about 3 hours trip), it will be from Kali Adem, Muara Angke. The ferry leaves at 7:00am daily and the fare about Rp. 85.000/person/trip. However, during weekend, there might be many more ferries heading to Tidung Island. Make sure that you arrive at least 40min before the departure time. Kali Adem, Muara Angke is also located at the Northside of Jakarta. You can take taxi, Grab, or Uber to get there. We strongly suggest that you check out the google map for this location before leaving. Not all the taxi/uber knows the place especially getting to the harbor. If you make your booking with Grand Lagoon, usually our staff will standby welcome you there in the harbor. Or else, there will be an affiliation personal to great you. Make sure that you call your assigned person in charge (PIC). PIC will be given to you prior to your trip. There is almost no weight restriction that a passenger can carry for ferry.
  2. Considering Jakarta Traffic

    Usually getting to the harbor early in the morning is less traffic especially on Saturday or Sunday. Nevertheless, do consider the traffic if you leave far away from the harbor. Traffic can be very uncertain, so you have to make sure that you give enough cushion time. You can always take Taxi or Grab or Uber to the harbor. If you have access to the internet, you can use google maps to help to navigate to the location. Some drivers might not know where the exact harbor location is at.

  3. Weather

    It is very rare the speedboat has to be halted or cancelled due to bad weather because of the speedboat size. During bad weather, the departure of the speedboat might be delay. It happens only about 1-2 days in a year. Bad weather, strong wind and high wave, is usually during the monsoon season (December to January). How is Tidung Lagoon Resort during bad season? Most of the time is quite safe and have less effect. Heavy rain has less effect to our location but only during the storm. For some guests, they really enjoy during the strong wind or storm for it is a rare experience. Mostly raining is not affecting much but you will have a very cooling sensation. If there is a high wind without rain, they most people will enjoy the ocean breeze. The resort weather is ever changing but the temperature is around 24C to 32C around the year. We only have dry and raining season.

  4. Getting From Overseas

    If you are visiting Tidung Lagoon or Grand Lagoon from overseas, you can flight to Soekarto Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia. From the airport to the harbor is only 30 – 60 min by taxi/Grab/Uber. Nevertheless, because the speedboat or the ferry is always leaving early in the morning at 8:00, you should consider arrival a day before. Should you need to stay over, you can stay at nearby hotel, such as Hotel Aston Ancol, Hotel Novotel, Manga Dua Square, Hotel Ibis Jakarta Manga Dua. The room rate is around Rp. 450.000 to Rp. 880.000/night. These hotels are only 5-15min to Marina Ancol. Visit their website directly and make a booking – many special discounts available if you book the room in advance. These areas consider being the most attractive shopping area. Mostly every tourist loves to visit there with huge varieties of items with bargain price.

Please keep up-to-date with the weather and the traffic in Jakarta. Travel advisory to Tidung island is written under normal condition; Nevertheless, the traffic might be changed from time to time. You can also login to Indonesia National weather station for the latest update.

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